April 30, 2013

Building farm on Kosovo and Metohija

In the southern Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija - village Prekovac, a farm is being built, near public kitchen. The aim of building and activating this project consists in increasing the capacity of the production of goat milk, in order to get goat cheese. The sale could finance the farm, and help the work of the public kitchens on Kosovo and Metohija. Also, a certain number of people will get a job in this poor region.

The work began in the middle of March, but it was soon aborted due to heavy rain. At the beginning of last week, the works continued. Thanks to the Serbian Students from Switzerland, headed by Mirel Kisić, their donation was used to finish the basis, bring water and electricity to the object, and provide the access to the farm.

For the continuation of the construction more money is needed. We appeal on all the donors worldwide to support this project. More information on: www.narodnekuhinjekim.com.

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