March 05, 2012

Building a house for the Balović family

In our two previous visits to the Raška area, we had the opportunity to meet the poor six-member family Balović, from the village Rajetiće on the Rogozna mountain. The village is located between the Raška area and Kosmet. It is about to be abandoned, and one of the rare families which is keeping it alive is the Balović family, who has very difficult story.
Verica (1998), Veljko (1999), Sara (2003) and Kristina (2005) live with their father Tihomir, who has a brain tumor, and mother Milica who is an epileptic. The dilapidated place in which they live cannot be called a house. The inhumane conditions in which they live inspired us to start a project for building a home to the Balović family, so that they could have an opportunity to survive in the cruel mountain conditions.
We send an appeal to all the donors and friends of the organization, and to all the people of good will to actively participate in the action of raising the money for building a house to the Balović family. We, and no one else, are the last opportunity for this children to survive.

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