October 19, 2012

Building a home for Vulic family

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited family Vulic, blessed with five beautiful children, from Ostruznica village near Belgrade, Serbia. Our organization has helped this family several times before, by providing food, buying double-decker beds for the children, and a window for children’s room. The aim of our last visit (photo gallery) was to specify the further help of the organization, with a priority in building a new family house, which Nebojsa Vulic commenced on his own.
Nebojsa is employed as a technician at the Radio-Television Serbia, and the family receives a child benefit, but that is not enough for all their needs. The family home requires a reconstruction and setting thecover plate, because the installations are going to cause them problems and potentially lead to fire in the future.
For that reason, the family commenced building a new home with the help of their friends. They received a material from several construction sites, where Nebojsa has friends. They managed to build most of the house, but they still need to set thehomeplate and work on concreting. In order to speed up and finish the work before the winter and snow, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped Vulic in obtaining the construction material (bills) in total value of 58.691 dinars ($700):
  • Gravel 15m3 – 18.172 dinars ($216)
  • Cement 40 sacks – 27.584 dinars ($328)
  • Cement transportation – 1.180 dinars ($14)
  • Slaked lime 500 kg – 4.675 dinars ($56)
  • Transportation – 7.080 dinars ($84)
After the concreting and rendering, they will continue with the works in the second phase of building a part of the house, and we will for certain help them again.

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