August 27, 2012

Books for the library in Bršadin

With the help of the friends of the organization from Belgrade and Vukovar, we successfully commenced another mini project of equiping the school libraries. A month ago, we received a request for help in equiping the local school library in the village Bršadin near Vukovar. The first and for now only elementary school built for the Serbian national minority in Croatia is being attended by 90 pupils from the first until the eight grade. A school library didn't have suitable literature, there were only a dozen books. Therefor, we sent about 300 books.
We sent mostly the books from the Serbian literature, history, and a few textbooks. The help arrived just before the begining of a school year.
The children and local teachers are very grateful to us. Therefor we continue with the collection of the books, and we hope that the books will help educate the children.
We use this opportunity to thank to Mr. Bane and his friends who supported and helped this action. We also call upon the people to join this humble, but very important project, by the donation of suitable books.

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