October 10, 2012

Books for cultural center in Macedonia

In the first days of October, within our "book project", we provided the Serbian cultural center Vuk Karadžić from Kučevište, Macedonia with a few packages, containing several dozen of books, intended primarily for the children in the primary and secondary schools, as well as to all other inhabitants who are interested in the Serbian national history, literature and Orthodox Christianity.

The purpose of helping our compatriots in FRY Macedonia is to preserve the national consciousness, it's raising to a higher level, the improvement of the knowledge of Serbian language, and therefore the strengthening ties with Serbia.

We hope that this shipment, as well as the previous ones, will be useful for Serbian children and that young people from this area will strengthen their national identity, and serve as the model of Serbdom.
We would like to thank our friends – Mr. Bane and his associates, without whom this project couldn't be realized.

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