March 05, 2012

Books for cultural center in Kučevište

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the work of the Serbian cultural center Vuk Karadžić from Kučevište (Old Serbia) with the package of books. The aim of this support/help is to strengthenthe relations of the Serbian people from that area with their homeland. Above all, the Serbian children and the other inhabitants of Kučevište and the surrounding will have the opportunity to read significant number of books in the Serbian language, considering Serbian history, culture, literature and orthodox christianity.
We belive that this action will contribute to the greater development of the national consciousnessof the Serbs from the Old Serbia, and that the younger population will have the opportunity to raise the knowledge of the Serbian language to the higher level. This help marks the beginning of the serious cooperation of the cultural center Vuk Karadžić and our organization, and we hope that the cooperation will be spread to charity area.

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