January 02, 2016

Books for children in Dalmatia

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The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered aid consisting of thirteen packages of books to the `Zene Kosovske doline` Association from Dalmatia. The books are intended for the national library, which this association is to open soon in the facilities of a former elementary school in the village of Ridjane (list of the delivered books). The `Zene Kosovske doline` Association has been actively working on preserving cultural and national identity of the remaining Serbian people in the area of Dalmatian Kosovo.

We truly hope that this is only the beginning of cooperation between our two associations, and apart from the project of fitting out the future library, we are working on aid projects intended for Serbian families with children living in this area, and we are doing all this as part of our usual charity activities. The action of book collection was carried out, as always, with the wholehearted help of Mr. Bane Kojic and his friends.

We take this opportunity to call upon all interested individuals and organizations to get involved in the project of renovating the facilities of old elementary school in Ridjan.

`Zene Kosovske doline` Association started this project with the aim of providing convenient facilities, where members of this association could get together, and at the same time, conduct activities for children, like schools of the Serbian language, rehearsals of the local cultural-artistic society, opening of a library and other important activities for preserving national identity of our people in this area. The needed amount for realizing this project is about 4,000 Euros.

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