September 30, 2015

Big aid for Mihajlovic family from Srpska
The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS successfully finished the project of helping the seven-member Mihajlovic family from Ugljevik in the Republic of Srpska. The project consisted of having their house insulated and painted and gutters and drainpipes installed. Apart from that, PVC windows were installed to prevent further deterioration of the house. The father of the family, Nenad (45), is a former volunteer of the Army of the Republic of Srpska. The mother, Renata (36), unfortunately has serious health problems. They are struggling to provide for their five children: Nemanja (13), Zeljana (8), Jovana (6), and the twins, Dajana and Srdjan (4), who have speech difficulties.
Youngest Mihajlovic family members at their home (January 2015)

The organization SERBS FOR SERBS has helped the family three times so far. The first time was in 2012 when we took part in the action of the house construction, initiated by the Nemanjici-Ticino organization, the second time as part of the Easter action of our organization in the Republic of Srpska, and the third time in December 2014, when answering the appeal of their humane fellow townspeople, we provided them with a package of basic groceries and some winter clothes in the amount of 529.28 BAM. The situation required an urgent reaction considering the fact that, unfortunately, the family is often starving, and the children are often getting sick due to hunger and cold.
Warm boots and winter clothes for the youngest Mihajlovic family members

The house where the Mihajlovic family lives is unfinished, so the whole family stays in one room. Due to lack of beds, some of them sleep on the floor. The ground around the house wasn’t graded properly and is lower than the surrounding ground, so they have problems with water collecting around the house. This leads to the house having mold, and the children having colds and not being able to spend time outside.

Nemanja’s biggest wish is to have a room of his own, where he could study and do drawing, which is his favorite hobby. Željana doesn’t have a room to study in either, because there is no heating or furniture in other rooms.
The look of the house and yard when we visited the Mihajlovic family at the beginning of the year

In order to prevent further deterioration of the house, during July and August, the organization financed the insulation, house painting, installing gutters and drainpipes, fixing the roof, installing PVC windows and interior doors upstairs, in the amount of 5,139 BAM. All this will prevent mold and it will also enable easier and more economical heating of all the rooms in the house. It will also be possible to continue with the work on the inside of the house, so the children could have their rooms and space for playing and studying.

Watch the video report of the work on Mihajlovic family house:
Youngest Mihajlovic family members diligently took part in the work on the house
Installing the insulation on the house
Householder Nenad also actively worked on the house
Fixing the roof and installing gutters and drainpipes
PVC windows and doors installed, the house painted

The organization SERBS FOR SERBS would like to extend big gratitude to donors and members of the organization who helped and enabled proper housing of another Serbian multiple children family in time. The Mihajlovic family, with their five underage children, will await the upcoming winter at their warm and dry home for the first time, but they will, unquestionably, need more help with fitting out other rooms in the house.

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