July 31, 2016

Big aid for Baljaks from Krajina

In July this year, another big project was successfully finished. It was started by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and it was mostly funded using donations made by SFS branch Canada as part of the campaign In Time For Bozic 2016. It was the project of renovating an old house at the small estate of the eight-member Baljak family from the village Muskovci, near Obrovac in Dalmatia, primarily for the needs of the youngest family members. The total cost of the project (construction material and workers’ wages) was €7,453. The family consists of the parents, Trivun and Radmila, and their six children: Petar (21), Branko (19), Milana (18), Bozidar (15), Biljana (14), and Zeljko (12).


Currently four children live in the household; Milana is married and Bozidar is a Theology student, living in the Krka Monastery.

Condition of the house in April, 2016

Present look of the Baljak family house

We had helped the Baljak family several times over the years, and the decision to start this big project was made due to the fact that this is the largest family that we had the opportunity to meet in this area.

Installing pipes in the bathroom at the beginning of April, 2016

Concrete floor poured in the bathroom in April, 2016

Current look of the bathroom in the Baljak home

We hope that this house renovation project will significantly improve living conditions for the youngest Baljaks and at the same time help the family to stay at their hearth.

New campaigns and projects in the area of Krajina are to follow, so we call upon all those who have been with us so far to continue supporting the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and also those who have been hesitant to get involved in our activities.

Happy Baljak family would like to thank all people of good will who have enabled better living conditions for their children

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