March 12, 2016

Better life for Nikolic family from Kladovo

A month before the start of the fifth jubilary season of the “Trojka iz Bloka” Tournaments, great news arrive from Kladovo! Bathroom and part of the house were renovated for the nine-member Nikolic family from the village of Veliki Sip near Kladovo. The family was visited last year, when the works were arranged, and the total cost of the works was 294,983 Dinars. The parents, Zoran and Zivadinka, have seven daughters: Zorana (17), Jelena (13), Marina (12), Tanja (9), Rada (9), Milica (4), and Eugenija (1). Using the funds raised at the last year’s well visited tournament in Kladovo and thanks to our proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors, as well as selfless engagement of the Municipality of Kladovo, the bathroom and part of the house intended for the kitchen were renovated, a washing machine was bought, complete sewage and water lines and electrical infrastructure were renewed, with new sanitary ware and a new fuse box.

Bathroom in the Nikolic home when Serbs for Serbs first visited the family

Renovated bathroom in the Nikolic home

Tanja, Rada, and Milica Nikolic in the new shower

This solved the biggest problem for the family, the problem of dampness. We wrote about it earlier when we invited good people to engage and help the Nikolics, and Kladovo responded to the invitation. After a lot of hard work and many problems that had to be solved concerning the property ownership and the family situation, the team of the sports-charity “Trojka iz Bloka” project Kladovo, and with the help of good people, managed to carry out this big undertaking.

Bathroom and kitchen area - renovated and fitted out 

The mission of the tournament – construction and renovation of bathrooms – once again proved how important it is to have conditions for maintaining personal hygiene in a large family. Three generations of the Nikolics – the parents, their seven daughters, and the grandparents, who visit them daily, now have far better living conditions and they have a starting point to try and improve their situation further.

Renovated space intended for the new kitchen

New fuse box installed

Talking to workers and Nikolic family

The situation of the Nikolic family is far from ideal and they will need help in the future, but “Trojka iz Bloka” Kladovo gave them faith in people and in the miracle of brotherly love, which they felt thanks to their kind neighbors and fellow townspeople. The next tournament in Kladovo is on July 31, so we take this opportunity to invite all sportsmen and humanists from Kladovo and vicinity to join us for another sports-charity spectacle – this will be the best way to celebrate the new beginning for the Nikolics and to repay our sponsors, donors, technical sponsors and all good people from Kladovo for the big success we achieved together.

The youngest express their gratitude to donors with satisfaction and smiles

A big thank you to donors worldwide and also to kind volunteers who, as always, selflessly did the biggest portion of the job. We are awaiting the next Kladovo Tournament with great optimism! Once again, we invite you to come, so we can together do our best to help, because – CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

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