December 22, 2016

Because of the bombardment they do not live normally any more

Six members of Stojanovic family from Straza village in Kosovo and Metohija had completely normal lives until 1999. NATO aggression on Serbia occurred that year and nothing was the same ever again. Due to the fear and sustained trauma, both parents and two out of four sons found themselves in difficult psycho-physical conditions, which they suffer from even today. NATO aviation's actions are something that Milos and Igor (in the picture) will always remember, but what they will not remember are the things all of us experience in our lives - first love, spending time with friends, travelling, sports activities, school days, first job, marriage, children... Everyday life of this family is truly sad since 1999.

Igor is in the worst condition, who, until a year ago, didn't get up from his bed. Today he can walk a little bit in within his 4 walls and say a few words. The family survives only thanks to the help of good and kind people from Rashko-Prizrenska Eparchy and the organization "Majka devet Jugovica" who brings them meals from the nearby public kitchen on a daily basis. Besides that, they have two cows and couple of goats. The youngest Alexandar is taking care of them and he is the only light in this household.

This gloomy atmosphere is complemented with a house they live in which has three small rooms with a ground floor and the roof which is about to fall down. The additional problem is that that part of the village does not have water supply and they have to bring it for miles to their homes.

But the biggest problem for these people is that we have forgot them! For seventeen years after agression Stojanovic family has been living completely cut out from the civilization, which is also proven by the fact that they do not have even one TV channel in Serbian language. Few times they have received some minor help, in the first place, thanks to the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs who has so far provided beds, table, chairs, fridge...

The members of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs actually started the action in order to raise 20.000 euros until Christmas so that a new house is built and that the family lives in decent conditions. Second part of the action includes trying to persuade the Municipallity to help them by providing water supply for their home.

How to help? For building a new family house for Stojanovics it is necessary to put a label "for Stojanovics" when donating money to some of the bank accounts of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs. When it comes to the countries abroad, it is possible to deposit money via PayPal addresses and as well as via this donation platform All donations will be publicly posted on the organization's site and after the action is finished, photos of the new house together with the scanned bills of the provided help will be published. Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs exists for 11 years and so far we have raised 1.700.000 euros and helped more than 1.600 multimember families in the Balkans. Let's help to Stanojevic family get its home!

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