August 22, 2014

Bathroom in full glow in Nis

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the student-pupil association ORNAS organized on May 25 a charity-sport tournament in three-pointers “Trojka iz bloka” in which we raised 120.030 dinars to renovate the bathroom of family Milivojevic. Since we spent 103.328 dinars in renovation of the bathroom, the rest of the money from the tournament will be spent in the action FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS, aimed at helping the flooded families in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.

Bathroom before reconstruction

Bathroom after reconstruction

The members of the family Milivojevic are: father Dragisa, mother Mariola and children: Miodrag (11), Miljana (9), Milidar (7), Milunka (6) and Momcilo (4).

Family Milivojevic with SfS members from Nis

The family lived in terrible conditions until six months ago without electricity and necessities, often without enough food.

The Blic foundation helped them by providing new beds, closets, tables, chairs and kitchen elements, and the elementary school “Bubanjski heroji” bought two beds for the mother and five children. Many of the problems remained, and one of them was a bathroom, in which there was only a toilet, so the children were bathed by warming the water on the stove and sprinkling.

During July, in the scope of the charity-sport project “Trojka iz bloka”, we succesfully finished the action of renovation of the bathroom for the seven-member family Milivojevic from Nis.

We use this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and donors of the charity-sport project “Trojka iz bloka” in Nis, and call them to join us next year as well.  

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