April 19, 2013

Bathroom for family Ćetković on Majevica

Upon the beginning of nice weather on Majevica, works on the house for six-member family Ćetković from the village Peljave in municipality Lopare (Republic of Srpska) have been continued. The next phase consisted in building a bathroom and bringing water into the house, in the total amount of 3.200 EUR (about 6.500 KM). The plumbers set the pipes, the electrician finished the installations, and the bricklayers plastering and concreting, respectively.


During this week they will finish the bathtub and commence putting the tiles, so that until Easter the family could get a bathroom.

Family Ćetković is a hard-working one. They managed to raise about 30 chickens, several sheep, which will turn into a flock in several years. They wanted to keep the calf, but failed to do so.

The project of building a house for the Ćetković family will be continued during summer, and it will take about 3.700 EUR for the attic. We call upon all the donors worldwide to support this project of our organization, so that another Serbian family could get a house until autumn.

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