February 05, 2015

Bathroom for family Cosovic, Pranjane

Report: Stefan Lazic /BILLS/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
The organizational team of the sport-charity project Trojka iz bloka visited on Friday December 12 family Cosovic from the village Pranjani whom we repaired the bathroom with the money from tournament in Gornji Milanovac. The amount of help to the Cosovic family was 118.336 dinars. Parents Radovan (41) and Mira (35) are not employed, and instead they are farming and breeding cattle. They have three children: Stefan (14), Jelena (12) and Srecko (6).

Bathroom before reconstruction

Bathroom after reconstruction

When we first visited family Cosovic, there were seven members. Unfortunately, grandfather Dragoljub died in August at the age of 64. Four years earlier he became an invalid when his leg was amputated. The only income he had was agriculture retirement of 10.000 dinars.


Apart from difficult living conditions, the greatest problem of this family, and at the same time the reason why we decided to help them, is a health problem of the youngest member Srecko, who had his first heart surgery when he was a month and a half old. At the end of 2012 he had his second surgery in Germany. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough so his third surgery (again in Germany) was successfully done on March 8 2014. Both surgeries were paid by the Serbian Republic Health Fund which made Srecko’s curing easier. He is also receiving financial aid in the amount of 9.000 dinars and that was the only income of the family next to the grandfather’s retirement.


Any expense would require the selling of cattle, which clearly shows the conditions under which this family lives. Regardless of that, the children in the family are being raised traditionally, which among other things means that they would stay in the village and continue farming and breeding cattle.


The oldest child Stefan is attending the Technical High School in Cacak. Jelena is in elementary school in Pranjani, but she has to go on foot about 10 km per day.


Srecko was the first to welcome us on the gate. He is a vigorous and cheerful boy who used our visit to show his talent for drawing. We also played football on Srecko’s desire, although he was getting tired while running.


Although this family already had a bathroom, it was in a bad condition. Thanks to the great number of our sponsors, donors and craftsmen who performed works mostly free of charge, we repaired the bathroom and provided elementary needs for the family.


People from Gornji Milanovac didn’t just donate money, but also clothing and school equipment, and the family was very grateful. Srecko gave us an acknowledgment which he prepared by himself, thanking our organization and all who participated in this great charity project.



We hope that this joint help will make the living conditions of this family at least a bit easier with sincere desires for Srecko to have normal upbringing and resolve his health issues.

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