September 14, 2012

Baptizing – the families Danjek and Ljiljak

Report: Milana Grk, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
As we have announced before, during our last visit to the families Ljiljak from Neuzine and Danjek from Ravno Selo, we made an agreement to enable the members of these families to be baptized.
On early Sunday morning, August 26, just before 9 o’clock, eight members of the family Ljiljak and six members of the family Danjek were gathered in the courtyard of the monastery Krušedol. Together with the members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs they attended the Holy Liturgy. After the Liturgy, eight members of the family Ljiljak and four members of the family Danjek, and sister Smilja (who decided to be baptized in the last moment) were baptized. The children had six godfathers – members and friends of the organization and two nuns from the monastery. 
The monk Kleopa Stefanović baptized the children. We made sure he was the spiritual shepherd of the Serbian people and the ambassador of the Serbian Orthodoxy. He wouldn’t take the money we offered as a contribution. Instead, we agreed to give the money to the little boy this monk is helping.
After the baptizing, the godfathers gave each child a cross, Orthodox prayer book, chaplet and three icons. Our friend Milan made photos of the event, and we use this opportunity to thank him.
We continued to socialize at the monastery court. Friends of the organization from Novi Sad and Belgrade, as well as monastery brotherhood joined us. Former rector of the Seminary in Karlovac, Archpriest stavroforDušan Petrović, and his wife, also attended the event. In the late afternoon we went to the monastery Grgeteg. We took the blessing of three handed Mother of God, and the gift of the monastery and the newly baptized received one icon with three handed Mother of God. From Grgeteg we went to the monastery Velika Remeta, where the Ljiljak family received an icon of their slava, because they didn't have one so far. After the socializing on a beautiful monastery court, with blessings of the father Stefan, and spiritual books, family Ljiljak went to Neuzine, while the Danjek family joined us, and we went together to Novi Sad.
Our hearts were full, and it was a great joy to be accompanied by these soldiers of Christ. We are grateful for that.
We would also like to thank the brotherhood of the monastery Krušedol for their hospitality and the candles, and father Pajsije Budimir, who enabled us to feel like the hosts of the event, father Kleopa Stefanović for his affability and service, archimandrite Stefan Vučković and the sisterhood of the monastery Grgeteg. Also, our friend Milan Škorić for beautiful photos, Dragan Vidojković for the donation for the event (5,000 dinars and other help), brothers Ljubiša and Velimir and sisters Slobodanka, Bosiljka and Evica, and the others who participated in this joy.
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs was the organizer and host, and provided material help of 20,000 dinars and 60 EUR:
  • 10,000 dinars for van transportation of the family Ljiljak (Neuzina-Krušedol-Neuzina);
  • 4,000 dinars for the presents to the newly baptized (a cross, chaplet, Orthodox prayer book and icons of Angelina Serbian of Krušedol, Mother of God and Christ the Savior);
  • 2,000 dinars for 6 meters of the white linen;
  • 5,000 dinars for drink and branch (coffee, fruit, cakes, plates, glasses...) and 1,000 dinars for a kilo of fornetti;
  • 1,000 dinars for a fuel;
  • 1,200 dinars for the travel costs of the Danjek family;
  • 60 EUR for father Kleopa;
  • other things we needed
Thank God, we managed to finish the atypical action of our organization. May the Lord be praised, for we thank Him for everything!

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