November 12, 2012

Armistice Day for the First World War

Today we mark Armistice Day for the First World War. Let’s remember our fallen ancestors. Let’s remember how they sacrificed their lives in defending our fatherland and the freedom of the Serbian people. Let’s remember when Patriotism was a matter of common good, when it didn’t matter if you were liberal, radical, socialist or conservative, because when the fatherland is endangered, we are all ONE. Let’s remember our ancestors. Respect what they have left for us. From us today it is not asked to go to war, today we are engaged in a different battle. A battle to SURVIVE!

Serbian people are endangered by the ever-increasing de-population of Serbia. From year to year, there are fewer and fewer of us. Our brothers and sisters who are living in endangered areas such as Kosovo & Metohija, Macedonia, Raska, Krajina and so on, are also in a life survival battle. Is there a greater patriotism in Serbia today than the battle for the survival of our people. Dear friends, let’s fill Serbia with children. Let’s have more kids! Let’s help families that have lot’s of children. Every family with three or more children are jewels of Serbia today. Let’s help them. Let’s also help endangered Serbs in endangered areas. Let’s help them save our homeland. H.O. Serbs for Serbs will do all we can to continue to achieve these stated goals, but we need more people to get involved. Let’s not stand by with arms crossed. Let’s not just remember our ancestors on day’s like these. Let’s follow in our ancestors ways. Let’s be brave, patient, hard working, everlasting!! Let’s go to church, light candles and pray for the deceased. Let’s remember and never forget, our ancestor were victorious

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