September 25, 2012

Another successful Palacinka Party!

Sunday night, friends and family gathered once again in Chicago to collect donations for Serbian children while enjoying palacinke and drinks. There were plenty of amazing palacinke thanks to Ceca Petrovich and some quality, 5 year aged, domaca rakija from Cacak.
While the adults were enjoying the good food and spirits, the children were all playing and having a great time, building good friendships that will hopefully last a long time.
The palacinka party was a success on two levels; one, we were able to gather $615 in donations and two, we were able to spend time with friends and show our children how important it is to not forget their Serbian heritage and culture.
The donors were thanked for all of their contributions, help and support (most friends who attended have donated many, many times). The hosts expressed how important these types of events were for the children in Serbia and  how much their contributions really mean to struggling families all over Serbia.
Hopefully, now that winter is coming, their will be many more palacinka parties!
God bless and protect our children!
Children are our future!

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