July 24, 2012

Another package of help for the library

By sending the last package of help during the first week of July, we finished a mini-project of equiping the school/local library in Donja Trepča near Čačak. The selfless help of the friends of our organization, including Mr. Bane, considerably contributed to equiping the school library, which the pupils and inhabitants of Donja Trepča will be able to use.
During the past year, we provided and sent:
·         763 books,
·         12 cds,
·         38 magazines,
·         60 picture books, 8 different coloring books,
·         2 computers with monitors, key boards and mice,
·         stereo speakers,
·         DVD player,
·         other computer components.
This is the first project of a kind, undertook by our organization with the help of our friends. Although equiping of school libraries doesn't fit into our primary mission, it is sure that those kind of projects will occupy more and more space in our charity action, because the education of the youngest is equally important as their economic stability.

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