April 25, 2015

Aid reached Radankovic family

On Wednesday, April 15, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and the Association of women from Serbia and Russia MATRONA visited and helped the family of Radankovic Milan and Snjezana from Ljubovija, who were blessed with four children: Valentina (17), Ruzica (9), Milica (7) and Vasilija (3). The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided the family with a big and comfortable sofa, which can turn into a bed, worth 34,650 RSD, and the Association of women from Serbia and Russia Matrona brought them food and hygiene packages, and also clothes that the girls need.

Milica, Vasilija and Ruzica Radankovic on their new sofa

Aid provided by the Association of women from Serbia and Russia Matrona

The Radankovic family lives in a house which is full of mold, their beds are worn out, and the youngest child, Vasilija, suffers from rickets, arthritis and short bowel syndrome. The father is employed, and the mother takes care of Vasilija and other children. They live frugally on the father’s small salary, and they receive 19,000 RSD of allowance for assistance and care by another person and minimum welfare of 9,500 RSD. They need 50,000 RSD a month only for Vasilija’s medications and food!    

Sofa bought for the Radankovic family

This is just the beginning of helping this family. Vasilija’s diet and expensive medications determine the lives of all family members and dictate their modest budget. Things she needs every day are: Milupa 7 lactose free milk formulas, no milk cereal, Juvitana salty baby food without peas, juices without pears, plums and apples, Prolom bottled water, Plazma biscuit, salty sticks, Fish snack crackers, dark chocolate and puddings. Medications she needs are: ”Probiokid imuno,” “Linex baby,” “Multilac,” “Pektin” capsules, “Pikovit Omega 3” and “Fantomalt.”

Little Vasilija Radankovic

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the Association of women from Serbia and Russia Matrona invite all people who are in a position to help the Radankovic family and little Vasilija to get involved, so we can try in every way possible to help make these young lives easier and better and little Vasilija to overcome her health problems. Their parents are diligent and hardworking people, but they have a hard battle to fight, and in order to win, they need all of us!

Be a part of this action!
Let’s help the Radankovic family!

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