January 21, 2015

Aid have arrived for Okilj family

Members of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Republika Srpska have helped six members of Okilj family from village Pticjak near Rogatica. Members of this family are parents Dragan and Gordana, with children Andjela (age 5), Nikola (age 3), Andrea (age 2) and baby Kristian who is 9 months old. Okilj family house was burned in end of June 2014., and at the moment they live in Pale, in old home of Gordanas mother, where most needed article was wood stove which we have provided for 490,00 KM.

Burned house of Okilj family

On Saturday to Sunday night, 28th to 29th June last year, about 03:30 AM, house of Dragan Okilj family in village Pticjak near Rogatica was burned. Tragedy was evaded because their neighbour noticed the fire and have alarmed residents to leave, so luckily they were able to evacuate children from the burning house. When firefighters have arrived, they were only able to minimize consequences.

Gordana with her children and her mother next to the new wood stove

Dragan Okilj was brought to Rogatica by war. His family somehow managed to purchase that house where he now lives with his unmarried wife Gordana Pandurevic and four of their children. Gordana brought to life Andjela when she was 17 years old, being together with Dragan who was 19 at the time. Our donor from Italy helped Gordana and her baby via our organization by wardrobe and baby equipment. Since they managed to build their home near Rogatica, we didn’t have information about them until this disaster when we were contacted by their local Red Cross. Since then, Gordana with her children has returned to her mother in Pale where they live in a Muslim house in very difficult conditions.

Old stove in house of Gordana's mother

Dragan had stayed on ruins of their home for the first time, trying to make some benefits since the mayor of Rogatica has promised them help in building/repairing the house. Since the fire has burned their personal documentation, Dragan wasn’t able to open a bank account for receiving donations, and since everything prolonged, he also moved to his mother-in-law, where he tries to feed his family working on forest clearing. When paperwork gets done, and winter passes, he will go back to repair his house.

Bathroom where children are bathed now

Two of them, and four of their little children, didn’t live well even before this disaster. None of them has a job, and they live on children aid. Since Gordana had stepped in this out of wedlock family as a minor, she and her children are under the care of social service. Dragan himself was raised without family, so he was also as a kid under the care of social service. So life was never easy on them.

Dish washing is also done in very bad conditions

Since a lot of urgent necessities was collected by organization Red Cross, Gordana has asked our organization to provide them with a wooden stove. Stove her mother had was already beyond any repair, and winter has already come. Dragan wasn’t home during the whole day, because he is working from dawn ‘til dusk.

Family Okilj is thankful to our donors, and Dragan said: „I dont know what to say, thank dear God that our children are alive and healthy! I belive in good people and in God, there is nothing else I can belive in“.  

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