January 21, 2015

Aid have arrived for Arsic family

Members of Charity organization “Serbs For Serbs” from Republka Srpska have visited nine members of Arsic family in refugee camp Modricko Polje 2 near Modrica. Sladjan and Milijana are rising seven children aged 5 months to 10 years in alternative housing (barracks built for refugees).


During distributing our heaters and dryers to the families who were struck by May floods, we have heard about this big Serbian family. In part of their settlement, there have been built a levy made of sand bags, so water luckily didn’t get into houses. If it did, since all objects are temporary, everything would collapse. Arsic family lives on 74 KM of social aid for children. Father works on construction sights whenever he can find job, because there is no steady employment.


“Serbs For Serbs” have delivered food to Arsic family valued at 200 KM, means for personal hygiene, and with help of “Kolo of Serbian Sisters” big amount of child clothes, dippers and hygiene products for youngest member of the family.


Volunteers of “Serbs for Serbs” have agreed with priest from Modrica to soon give baptism for young Arsic children who haven’t been baptized yet for financial issues.


How we work, so God help us!

Republika Srpska  

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