February 18, 2015

Aid for the flooded in Banja Luka

Report: SfS Republic of Srpska /RECEIPTS/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
At the end of December, as part of the FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS action, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered another shipment of aid to nine families hit by the recent May floods in Banja Luka, primarily in the form of appliances, furniture and construction material. The total value of the aid delivered was 9,915 BAM. In previous months, we provided 15 dehumidifiers, construction material and doors and windows for more than 30 families.


List of the families who received aid from the Serbs for Serbs Charity organization

1. Milankovic R. (upright freezer, vacuum cleaner, kitchen cabinets) – 1,268 BAM (4 children)
2. Kajganic N. (washing machine with a water tank, fridge) – 1,293 BAM (4 children)
3. Kojic S. (washing machine, fridge freezer, vacuum cleaner) – 1,185 BAM (4 children)
4. Umicevic M. (gas electric combination stove, chest freezer, construction material) – 2,192 BAM (2 children)
5. Petrovic D. (washing machine, vacuum cleaner) - 585 BAM (2 children)
6. Miljevic R. (fridge, chest freezer) – 1,020 BAМ (3 children)
7. Jekic M. (fridge) - 613 BAМ
8. Cejic Z. (fridge freezer, gas electric combination stove) – 1,158 BAМ (2 children)
9. Zivkovic D. (fridge freezer) - 601 BAМ (3 children)

The Petrovic family was provided with interior doors

In previous aid actions, in August, we helped the Petrovic family by purchasing windows in the value of 641 BAM (RECEIPT).

The Cejic family was provided with the material for exterior insulation

In the same month, we helped the Cejic family by purchasing the insulation materials in the amount of 788 BAM (RECEIPT). This family also suffered damage in the recent May floods.

At the beginning of November, we helped the Kovacevic family as well by purchasing them a mower, so that they could increase their income by mowing. The value of the mower was 2,500 BAM (CONFIRMATION).

The big Fight Against Floods action continues. The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all fraternal organizations, donors and people of good will in Serbia and around the world to get involved in the action by donating money according to their possibilities into one of the accounts of the organization - www.srbizasrbe.org/donacije. Also, you can watch the reports on the aid delivered to PARACIN, TRSTENIK, VALJEVO, KRALJEVO, OBRENOVAC, SVILAJNAC, VELIKI CRLJENI, KRUPANJ, VELIKI CRLJENI PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 3, BIJELJINA, BIJELJINA PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 4, OBRENOVAC PART 5, OBRENOVAC PART 6, DOBOJ, OBRENOVAC PART 7, OBRENOVAC PART 8, PRIJEDOR and SEKOVICI.

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