October 27, 2015

Aid for Scepanovic family from Montenegro

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The chapter of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro, together with the brotherhood of the Ostrog Monastery, helped the eleven-member Scepanovic family from Ozrinic, near Niksic. The parents, Mihajlo and Anastasija have been blessed with nine children: Vasilija (15), Lazar (11), Luka (9), Teodor (8), Stefanija (7), Magdalina (6), Nikola (5), Ana (3), and Aleksandra (2). Our first visit to the family was a year ago when we agreed on helping them by providing construction material for finishing the work on the family house. The total cost of construction work and materials was € 6,304.

Mihajlo Scepanovic with his children in their new home

The Scepanovic family moved into their new home thanks to good people worldwide, who made donations and thus contributed to purchasing construction material so that the work on the house could be finished. The householder Mihajlo also took out a loan to enable his family to move into their new house before the upcoming winter.

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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