June 02, 2016

Aid for Popovic family from R. Srpska

At the end of May, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the six-member Popovic family from the village of Branesci, which is 25 kilometers away from Celinac in the Republic of Srpska. The family consists of the parents, Milenko and Slavka, and their four children: Ilijana (20), Milijana (18), Gojko (17), and Bojana (15). With the big help and good will of donors, we managed to reach our goal and provide the Popovics with tractor attachments to the value of 4,000 BAM. This action made the family richer by five attachments (hay baler, seeder, plow, harrow and waterpump for field irrigation).

We first visited the Popovic family at the beginning of the year and we then saw that they have no regular monthly income. Father Milenko occasionally earns a daily wage doing seasonal work. A few years ago, he took out a loan and bought a tractor, but with no attachments, because he did not have enough money. He borrowed or hired attachments to cultivate his fields and support the family. He seeds corn and potato, which enables him to earn some more money for the family.

Valuable aid for hard-working householder Milenko Popovic

We had helped the Popovics by purchasing seed, and afterwards we came to the idea of purchasing the attachments to make work easier for the family. At the same time, with new attachments, Milenko could earn some extra money cultivating fields in the nearby villages.

Great happiness and joy could be seen on their faces when they finally saw the attachments beside their house, because up until that moment they did not believe that they would really get the aid.

Milenko and his family would like to thank all donors who have enabled them to cultivate fields using their own machinery, and as he said, no more begging around the village to borrow the needed attachments.

Popovic with donated tractor attachments

We call upon all people of good will to get involved and through their contributions help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, which aim at helping socially disadvantaged Serbian multiple children families throughout the Balkans.

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