May 18, 2015

Aid for Ivetic family from Prijedor
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During April, members of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS, Republic of Srpska, visited and helped the Ivetic family from the Prijedor region. The Ivetic family is a member of the Roda Association from Prijedor, which gathers and helps families with four or more children. In the past, we had helped several families that are members of this association, so the Ivetic family had addressed us with a request to help them as well, if possible. The family consists of the parents, Ljubomir and Mladenka, and the children, Radoslav (15), Suzana (10), Milos (6), and the youngest, Katarina (2). The family is from Grahovo, actually, but due to war developments, they had to take refuge and settle down in Prijedor. They do not have a house of their own, so they live in a rented one in a development called Gomjenica, in Prijedor.
Both Ljubomir and Mladenka are unemployed, and the only income they earn is when Ljubomir goes to work in construction for a daily wage.

When we first visited the Ivetic family and talked to them, they said the best way of helping them was by purchasing appliances, more specifically, a washing machine and a freezer, so we decided to help them by purchasing those.

The total sum spent for this action was 889.00 BAM.

The biggest problem for the family is not having a house of their own, and this problem still remains to be solved. Several years ago, they started building their house, but due to lack of funds, they had to stop the construction after laying the foundation. When they collect sufficient funds, they will continue the construction, and our organization will try to take part in the action. Until then, we call upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.


SFS Republic of Srpska

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