December 30, 2016

Aid for family Milacic from Podgorica

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro aided, in late December six-membered family Milacic from Podgorica, which was visited in late September, and lives in Konik refugee camp. Single mother Mirjana (39) rises five girls: Sara (10), Ena (8), Jana (6), Mia (5) and Darija (3). Family survives on social support of 180 € per month. They eat in the Red Cross and have only one meal per day. Milacics got aid in form of a wood stove, 8 meters of firewood, sofa, table, baseboard, material for a bathroom and repairing plumbing. Total value of aid was 887 euros.

 Five sisters Milacic

 Bulkhead of baseboard which will relieve small living space

 Wood stove for family Milacic The look of the bathroom during the first visit of family Milacic

 Current look of family Milacics bathroom with the solved humidity problem

 Single mother Mirjana with her daughters on a new sofa and table

We call all people of good will to join and aid projects of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs which has a goal to help socially endangered large Serbian families from all across the Balkans.

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