April 05, 2015

Aid for eight families from Zvornik

Report: Dragana Cupovic - ''Nasi andjeli'' /RECEIPT/
In March, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska helped eight multiple children families from Zvornik, which are members of the Association of parents with four or more children ''Nasi andjeli'' from Zvornik. None of the parents is employed, and they all live on wages and depend on subsistence agriculture. The families were provided with food and hygiene products packages. On this occasion the toatal value of the aid delivered was 702 BAM.

Food and hygiene products for the multiple children families

Peric family

Families that were helped:

1. Maksimovic Milana, unemployed single mother of four: Marina (13), Kristina (10), Sandra (7) and Zorana (5).
2. Peric Nenad and Sladjana, unemployed parents of four: Marko (13), Darko (12), Mihajlo (5) and Milica (4). They are in a very difficult situation because of Nenad's illness and they are struggling to survive.
3. Milic Mile and Gordana, unemployed parents of four: Valentina (18), Jovana (15), Brankica (11) and Dusan (2).
4. Mijic Cvijan and Sladjana, unemployed parents of four: Filip (6), Marija (5), Aleksandar (2) and Kristina (1).

Milic family

Mijic family

Kostic family

5. Kostic Jovan and Suzana, unemployed parents of four underage children: Andjela (8), Ivan (7), Jana (6) and Vidan (4). Because of his illness, Jovan is unable to work and provide better life for his children.
6. Todorovic Dragan and Snezana, unemployed parents of four: Dragana (11), Svijetlana (9), Tamara (5) and Bosko (2). They live on Dragan's day wage in extremely harsh conditions. They live in the house of Dragan's father, in the basement.
7. Draskovic Miodrag and Biljana, parents of five: Aleksandra (14), Dejana (13), Jovan (11), Milan (10) and Goran (6). No one in the family works and they all live on the wage which Milan earns.
 8. Spasojevic Mile and Gordana, unemployed parents of four: Savo (18), Sanja (14), Luka (10) and Predrag (8).

Todorovic family

Draskovic family

Spasojevic family

On behalf of the families, members of the Association ''Nasi andjeli'', we take this opportunity to thank the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs for the help.

The President of the Association
Dragan Cupovic

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