February 20, 2015

Aid for Beslin family from Kikinda

Report: SFS Novi Sad /RECEIPT/
At the end of January, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the six-member Beslin family from Banatsko Veliko Selo near Kikinda. As part of the Christmas bells call for help action, the Beslin family was provided with a washing machine, fridge freezer and electric stove in the total value of 81,979 RSD. There is a very sad story behind this modest single-parent family consisting of the mother, Svetlana and her children, Nemanja (14), Mihajlo (11), Olja (7), Nikola (4) and Djordje (6 months).

Namely, the Beslins lived as tenants in Kikinda for 14 years, and since Svetlana is a refugee from Croatia, with the help of the commissariat of refugees, last year they managed to obtain a house in Banatsko Veliko Selo. When their wish of having a roof over their head finally came true and soon after they moved into their new home, they found out that the head of the family, Radovan, had lung cancer. Svetlana was five months pregnant at the time and was the biggest support for her husband in the fight against this fatal disease. The fight lasted for several months before Radovan passed away at the end of July last year.

Old washing machine

The new washing machine will make everyday care for the children a lot easier for Svetlana

The single mother, Svetlana, lives on welfare with five children. Her wish is to fix up this shabby house and provide better living conditions for her children. However, there are numerous expenses, her children’s education… She can’t manage all that by herself. But she is willing to work, so we are going to make an effort to help her wishes come true.

Worn-out electric stove

New electric stove for the Beslin family

Talking to Svetlana and visiting the house, we took note of what they needed the most at the moment.

Old fridge

New fridge freezer

In the meantime, our friends from “PIP” Novi Sad provided them with two good Alpine goats.

Two weeks after the visit, with the help of donors, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided them with a washing machine, fridge freezer and electric stove.

“A person cannot choose the time when to be born and when to live. They cannot control who their parents or their people will be, but they can control what their actions will be like at the given time: humane or inhumane, regardless of the people or the parents” (Patriarch Pavle, “Let us be humane”).

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