August 18, 2015

Aid delivered to Nikadinovic family

In mid August, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited and helped the six-member Nikadinovic family from the village of Cvetke, near Kraljevo. The single mother, Ljiljana, raises five children – Filip (19), Stefan (18), Petar (12), Jelka (7), and Bogdan (5). The aid delivered to the Nikadinovic family consists of two pregnant sows and ten laying hens to the total value of 60,000 Dinars.

The family had two bereavements in a very short period of time – Ljiljana’s father-in-law and husband died, leaving the children without their grandfather and father. The grandfather had worked in France and built a big and nice house, which the family inherited, but the burden of managing the household is all on Ljiljana now.

With the welfare of 11,800 Dinars and child benefit for the three youngest ones of 10,200 Dinars, one cow and garden they cultivate, it could be said that for now, their living conditions are hard and modest. But life goes on and the future should be as bright as possible for the children. It is a difficult task, but Ljiljana has tremendous support. Well brought up and hard working children help their mother as much as they can, and when representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs came to visit the family, the oldest sons were not there – they were at work somewhere, working hard for a daily wage to help their mother. The youngest of the Nikadinovic family were at home and they did not hide delight at receiving the aid, when two pregnant sows increased their family’s treasure!

Jelka and Bogdan Nikadinovic in their yard

What people ask for in the country are modest and wisely chosen things. When asked by our organization what she needed, Ljiljana simply replied – a sow and several laying hens. We found an honest livestock salesman, who asked us to wait for about a month when he was to get young laying hens, so he would not sell this poor family old and worn out hens. The sows had arrived before the organization representatives visited, and to our great satisfaction, the youngest members of the Nikadinovic family, together with their mother, had their picture taken and they did not hide joy.

Jelka, Filip, and Bogdan Nikadinovic

There were also some toys, which made little Bogdan and Jelka very happy. When we asked Bogdan what he likes to play with the most, he said – with hens. His mother’s wish of getting the hens became clear to us then. Apart from the food and chickens, by having hens, she provides her youngest son with great joy of growing up in the village.

Tough years are behind this brave single mother. And now, with the help of good people and donors from all around the world, a helping hand was offered to her by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and the future does not look so gloomy any more.

Children are our future, and this mother raises five of them and deserves every possible help!

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