April 02, 2015

Aid delivered to Kostadinovic family

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In mid- March this year, members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the seven-member Kostadinovic family from Banja Luka. The family consists of the parents, Sladjana and Dusko and their children: Duska (16), Teodora (11), Stefan (7), Dario (5) and the youngest one, Sara (2). The Kostadinovic family was provided with a wood burning stove, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, 100 chicks, 4 piglets, feeders and poultry feed, as well as with a care package of food and hygiene products. On this occasion, the total value of the aid delivered was 3,914 BAM. The funds to help the family were provided at a charity event in Fürth (Germany) when 2,001.70 euros was raised and earmarked for the Kostadinovic family.


Dusko and Sladjana together with their youngest children, Dario and Sara

Kostadinovic family lives some 20 kilometers from Banja Luka where they moved from Montenegro. The father of the family worked there, but as it was getting harder and harder to find work, they came to the capital city of the Republic of Srpska as it was the closest city to their home town Novi Grad.

Some of the groceries bought during the visit to Kostadinovic family

Initially, they lived in Banja Luka as tenants, but as they didn’t have money to pay the rent and having been 5 days late with it, the landlord evicted them and their young children. That was when priest Srdjan came to help them and with thanks to the local community he managed to place them in an abandoned house. In that house, which at the beginning looked more like a ruin, the Kostadinovic family has been living for five years. Although the property doesn’t belong to them they were forced to repair it and rebuild it to create normal living conditions for the children.

The second part of the food package for the youngest ones in Kostadinovic family

The oldest one, Duska is 16 years old and she goes to secondary school in Banja Luka, Teodora who is 11, and Stefan who is 7 years old, attend elementary school, but like their older sister, they have to take a bus to school. The youngest, Dario (5) and Sara (2) stay home with their mum Sladjana.

Delivery of the wood-burning stove, washing machine and vacuum cleaner

Having exhausted all possibilities to provide for children’s basic needs with her husband, in despair Sladjana gave an ad saying "I receive food as a gift" which spurred the good-hearted people to help the family. With 140BAM of monthly child benefit and winter, which prevented the father of the family to work for a daily wage, she no longer knew what to do next.

After the heartbreaking news published on the internet about the difficult situation the Kostadinovic family was in, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in Germany organized the charity event, in Fürth, to help the family, when 2,001.70 euros was raised.

Members of SFS from Germany at the charity event

A member of the Serbian Principality Association, who is our volunteer, was first to visit the young ones in the Kostadinovic family and was convinced of the fact that their parents are unable to provide even the most basic. The initial plan of assistance, agreed with the mother, Sladjana, was to help them with the insulation of the house, because all the heat went into the attic, to buy them a washing machine and to address the Electric Utility Company, Elektrokrajina, in written form with a request to write off part of the debt for electricity which currently amounted to 3,000 BAM.

In the meantime, the company that repeatedly helped them in the construction and repairs of the house has taken upon themselves to insulate, for what they have already brought materials and equipment. Thanks to them, our organization could redirect to other needs of small Kostadinovic.

Provided material for the insulation of the home Kostadinovic family lives in

Provided piglets for Kostadinovic family

In agreement with the parents we decided to buy them, apart from the aforementioned washing machine, a wood-burning stove, vacuum cleaner, food, chicks and piglets with necessary feed, which they will nurture and raise themselves and thus provide food for the children, in the long run.

Chicks delivered to the Kostadinovic family

Delivery of poultry and swine feed

Poultry and swine feed with feeders delivered

We set aside 600 BAM for the food. For chickens, pigs and their feed we spent 1,995.90 BAM, while for the rest of the money, 1,318 BAM, a washing machine, a wood-burning stove and a vacuum cleaner were purchased.

Sara, Dusanka, Stefan and Teodora Kostadinovic

All members of the Kostadinovic family are grateful to the donors from Germany who provided them with better living conditions in which they will be able to provide and thus earn a living for themselves.

With a smile, Sara Kostadinovic has escorted delivered help

We call upon all people of good will to continue supporting the work of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and thus help and give joy to numerous children in need.

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