December 31, 2015

Aid actions in Doboj finished
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Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS Republic of Srpska successfully finished works on three objects in Doboj, which had been in progress during 2015. Construction works, together with the construction material, was the aid intended for the families of Aleksandar Blagojevic (with three children), Sladjan Spasojevic (with two children), and Goran Blagojevic (with four children). Funds for this project were provided by the organization SERBS FOR SERBS Switzerland, as well as Srpski Kulturni Centar `Nikola Tesla` from the German city of Hagen.
Visiting the destroyed house of Aleksandar and Danijela Blagojevic (November, 2014)

Viktor, Andrea and Andrej Blagojevic in their living room (November, 2014)
Proud mother Danijela with Viktor, Sergej and Andrej Blagojevic in their renovated living room (December, 2015)

Bathroom in the Blagojevic family home (November, 2014)
Bathroom in the Blagojevic family home (December, 2015)
Father of the family, Aleksandar Blagojevic, in front of his home before the works started on replacing the complete roof construction, which had been completely destroyed after the floods and rains hitting Doboj in May, 2014
Clearing the ruins from the house interior (December, 2014)
Removing the roof construction and clearing the house interior (March, 2015)

Through donation for helping the Blagojevic family, the organization Serbs for Serbs provided construction material for building the upper slab of the roof, roof construction, terra cotta tiles, sheet metal, boards, sand, cement, Styrofoam, nylon and also wages for workers, who successfully finished all the works.
Putting up new roof construction and installing terra cotta tiles (April-May, 2015)
The final look of the roof to the Blagojevic family (December 2015)

The second family helped by the organization Serbs for Serbs is the family of Sladjan Spasojevic, who has two children, Tamara (18), and Ognjen (16). They live in the downtown area of Doboj. In the May floods of 2014, their studio on the first floor of skyscraper was completely filled with water up to the ceiling. Sladjan is a former volunteer of the Army of the Republic of Srpska.
New doors and windows were installed, as well as laminate and moldings; walls smoothed and painted
Tiles installed in the kitchen area
New front door, room doors and bathroom door were installed
Tiles and sanitary ware installed in the bathroom

The last family that received aid consisting of construction material and construction works is the family of Goran and Jasmina Blagojevic, who have four children: Aleksandra (13), Duska (17), Nikola (5) and Mihailo (2). Their home was completely under water during the May floods last year. In the previous aid action intended for the Blagojevic family, we provided them with a wood burning stove, and in this one we helped them by fitting out the children`s room. The floor was leveled, and laminate installed; the walls were smoothed and painted, and after the room dried, it was ready for the youngest children to use.
Floor leveling in the children`s room (July, 2015)
Situation just before the laminate was installed (July, 2015)
Blagojevics in the new children`s room (December, 2015)

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS would like to thank all donors who helped and supported wholeheartedly the realization of these aid projects intended for families that were heavily affected by the last year`s floods. We take this opportunity to express deep gratitude for all received aid, consisting of construction material, as well as appliances , and also workers who did all the necessary works.

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