October 01, 2015

Aid actions in Banat finished

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS, together with friends and associates from one of the most popular rap groups in Serbia, THC La Familija, successfully finished the project of the “Trojka iz Bloka” in South Banat. On the initiative of THC La Familija, there were two 3-point shooting tournaments, which were held on July 12, in Banatski Karlovac and on July 19, in Kupinik. With the help of contestants from both tournaments, sponsors and donors, 200,000 Dinars were raised, while the expenses of clinic renovation in Kupinik and bathroom renovation for the Belic family from Banatski Karlovac were 485,991 Dinars, including the expenses of purchasing material and labor costs.

Look of the clinic in Kupinik before renovation



After the renovation of the clinic was finished:
Renovated clinic in the village of Kupinik

Good will and good people from the Banat have enabled us to report the good news. The work has been finished on time and has been done very well, and now another big project is behind us. The clinic will serve future generations, and the youngest Belic family members will have a brighter future ahead of them! New, big victory of the sports-charity “Trojka iz Bloka” project!

Belic family at their home, together with the SERBS FOR SERBS

New bathroom for Belic family

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs would like to thank all proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors who have been with us in this and all other actions in the best season of the “Trojka iz Bloka” so far!

TROJKA IZ BLOKA Tournament in Kupinik

TROJKA IZ BLOKA Tournament in Banatski Karlovac

At the end of September, we sum up the impressions – 25 TROJKA IZ BLOKA Tournaments held and almost 3,500,000 Dinars raised! Kupinik and Banatski Karlovac are bright examples of the season which is a crown of our continuous work. Our friends from THC La Familija have contributed a lot to this season. Now, encouraged by the success in their neighborhood, we move on to Serbia and the Republic of Srpska to solve problems of socially disadvantaged multiple children families in passive and forgotten areas, where our people live.

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