September 06, 2016

Additional help to the library in Krajina

During August, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs conducted another action of helping the work of the association “Women of the Kosovo Valley” from Dalmatia. As several times before, we again supplied used computers for future Internet center in the former elementary school in Ridjane and a few packages of books for the library “Dositej Obradovic”, which will soon begin its work in the same building.


Detailed description of the aid delivered:
•    2 Standard ATH Computers
•    2 Packard mini desktop computers
•    1 LED monitor 17"
•    4 optical mice
•    6 keyboards (two brand new)
•    Box of 75 books, 6 CDs, 8 DVDs

As gratitude for the previously delivered help, a beautiful thanksgiving of the said association came to our address. We take this opportunity to once again thank our associate Mr. Bane Kojic without whom it would not be possible to implement this type of action.

Gratitude for SFS from the association “Women of the Kosovo Valley”

In accordance with our abilities, given that such activities are not primary in our charity work, we will continue to support our community in the area of Dalmatian Kosovo.

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