November 21, 2011

Additional help for the Komatina family

Report: Bojan Ilic, Serbia  /SERBIAN REPORT/

On the 17th of November, with the help of our friends from the Raška area, we continued the action of helping the Komatina family, who is living in the village Radaljica near Novi Pazar. We spent 10,000 dinars for the rest of the bathroom tiles and other material for the bathroom, and additional 16,500 dinars were spent by our friends from Novi Pazar to buy 2 female lambs.

The bathroom is now fully functional. Since they already have a cow and five sheep, we firmly believe that two additional sheep will help them to normalize their funding. We owe special thank for the realization of this action to our friend Goran Petrović, and Miloš Starovlah from the village Šaronje.
We intended to spend the rest of the money from the previous action, 25,540 dinars, for paying the tax to the estate, but the debt increased to 80,000 dinars, so we agreed with the family to get them each time we go there several animals to grow, so they could earn and pay the debt themselves.
The family is no longer forced to ask for charity from the brotherhood of the monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, and the hope remains that after each visit,  things will get better.
We said to Mrs. Radmila that she could thank us if the Komatina family gets another member.
We agreed to visit them again as soon as we can, and according to the announcements of our donors, that could happen soon.

No surrender!

For healthy family – for healthy Serbia!

Bojan Ilić


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