January 12, 2011

Additional help for Gutalj family

We have already helped twice the single mother with five children, Zdenka Gutalj from East Sarajevo in the Republic of Srpska. Zdenka somehow manages to cope alone, and apart from the appeal this summer to buy her a refrigerator, she's been avoiding to ask for help. However, she didn't have a choice this time. She had to take her youngest child, Nemanja (11) to Banja Luka for tests due to the problem in development. The costs of the road, no matter how small, were impossible for her to finance.

She asked us to buy some clothes to Nemanja, so that he wouldn't go in old things into the hospital, and to help her pay the accommodation and journey. Nemanja received plenty of new things we bought for him. We brought some of the donated clothes to his sister Bojana, but we didn't have anything else for the boys, so we had to buy some in Belgrade in the amount of 6,000 dinars.

We payed return tickets (80 KM) and gave Zdenka money for two-night accommodation in Banja Luka (85 KM), thus spending 120 KM from our account in the Republic of Srpska. In any case we managed to help the children whose parents can't afford the money for unpredicted costs. Nemanja has problems with his marrowbone, and his growth is rapidly slowed down. Zdenka hopes that the treatments will help him, because he should lay in the hospital in january.

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