July 24, 2013

A second hand tiller for the Radic family

Recently Charity organization Serbs for Serbs honoured our Easter 2012 pledge to purchase a tiller for the Radic family from Krajina. A total of 2,000 EUR was spent for the purchase of a second-hand tiller, trailer and connections to the tiller. Although we had already bought furniture for the family, our primary focus was to get them on the road to financial stability by giving them the necessary equipment for work in the fields. We had hoped to make the delivery of this farming equipment earlier, but we are happy to have made our delivery in time for this year's farming season.

Serbs for Serbs has no trouble identifying families in desperate need of financial assistance. There are so many. The challenge is finding funding to address the situation. 

We are convinced that if you were face to face with these children who have so little, who don't stand a chance to succeed if left without help, you would not hesitate to provide any help necessary.

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