December 26, 2016

A new roof and children's room for Bosnjakovic family

Thanks to the Church-school Municipality Gracanica from Windsor, Canada and the tournament Trojka iz bloka held in Smederevska Palanka, another successful action has been finished, this time for family Bosnjakovic from Smederevska Palanka. The action included a complete replacement of the roof construction with protecting sheet metal, reconstruction of the children's room and placing one PVC window whose total value was 552.680 RSD. A family consists of father Sasa, mother Ivana and four daughters Milica (9), Milena (8), Marina (4) and Marija (1). Bosnjakovic family in front of their house in July 2016 Removing the old one and putting a new roof on the family home In front of the family house with a new roof in December 2016 New PVC window is also set

Sasa suffered a myocardial infarction, after which he got stents and he cannot work any more. They don't have any social help, so they live only from children addition, which amounts 7500 RSD, and occasional works. Children room during our first visit

Children's room was completely reconstructed, the walls were peeled, a new wall layer, internal insulation and laminate were placed and the room was painted which all made it look like a newly built room. Milica, Milena, Marina and Marija are truly thankful to all the people who have donated and friends of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs who provided a real children's room for them in which they will spend their time playing, hanging out, studying and growing up. Special THANK YOU goes to the donators from Windsor, Canada who have helped in this action!

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