November 15, 2016

A house for the Samardzic family got extended

Representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited Samardzic family from Postoljani near Nevesinja in the Republic of Srpska at the end of May. They decided to help them by upgrading their house because it was in very bad shape. Single mother Zeljka with her children Boza (25), Ilija (23), Lazar (19) and Jovana (14) received the funds thanks to the first realized Trojka iz bloka tournament in Switzerland in Romont. Trojka iz bloka tournament was also held in Kozarska Dubica thanks to which construction materials were provided in the amount of 6.235 KM! We are informing the public that works in the Samardzic family are done – the house was upgraded by bilding a new flor and a new roof construction was built. By doing all this the family got a chance to continue to build their new lives based on sloid grounds.

 Family Samadrzic in May 2016. in front of the house

 The works on the new house, which are the first step towards the new and better life for this family started at the end of July. From then, Samardzic family knows that that there is somebody who keeps their promises and who will help them.

Sons Bozo, Ilija and Lazar give a lot of strength to their mother, they work and help her in everything and because of that harmony and diligence, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs decided to help them.  View on the house in May 2015, during our first visit  Building of the attic

 Roof has done!

The new house was built thanks to the good people from Switzerland and the hardworking and diligent spirit of this rich European country was transferred to  Current look of the new house We invite all people of good will to help with their contributions projects of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs which goal is to help socially deprived Serbian families with lot of children across the Balkans.

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