May 31, 2013

A Home for the Karanovic Family

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The Karanovic family from Stari Rakovac (in the municipality of Beocin), near Novi Sad, is another family struggling to provide a normal life for their children. The family of five consists of father Milan (1969), mother Zorica (1973) and children Aleksandar (1995), Dragan (1998) and Slobodan (2002).


The family lived in Vukovar until 1997 when they were forced to leave. They first relocated to Kraljevo and then moved to Rakovac. After managing to raise some money, they started construction of a new home. In 2012, they experienced much hardship, first with the loss of a baby at childbirth, and then the loss of their under-construction home due to a fire.

The Switzerland branch of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization, in cooperation with members from the Novi Sad branch, decided to help this family. As well, neighbors and relatives of the Karanovic family joined the call to action.

Immediately following the fire, clothing, hygiene products and food were collected to help the family. Within days of the fire, the family was fortunate to find a little house nearby, where they could live for free while they reconstructed their damaged home. The Municipality of Beocin, along with a local cement factory, donated cement and other materials needed for this project.

Together with Milan Karanovic, Serbs for Serbs found an architect who offered his services for free. A roof was successfully installed before the first snowfall. After that, Serbs for Serbs decided to buy enough wood and exterior wall materials to fully enclose the home while reconstruction work could continue inside during the cold months.

At the beginning of April, Serbs for Serbs paid a follow-up visit to the Karanovic family. The father, Milan, was doing some minor repair work around the house. His next project will be to build and install a kitchen on his own.

The Karanovic family is very grateful to the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization for all its help and support. Serbs for Serbs is pleased to have been able to help the Karanovic family as they struggle to provide stability and a better future for themselves. But the Karanovics, along with many other Serbian families still need our help. Serbs for Serbs, with your support, can see that they get it.  

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