September 09, 2016

A cow donated to family Lazic from Ugljevik

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the eight-member family Lazic from Republic of Srpska. The eight-member family lives in the village of Gornja Krcina which belongs to the municipality of Ugljevik, 27 km away from Ugljevik. Members of the family are father Radomir, wife Snezana and six children: Dobrila (15), Daliborka (13), Mira (12), Ratko (10), Ranka (8) and Svijetlana (5). After the first visit of the members of the organization, we decided to help family Lazic as much as possible. They have expressed a desire for a cow which was purchased in a short time. By purchasing the cow in the amount of 2,750 BAM, the family was provided with milk for their house and even to sale a bit.

The old Lazic family house

The family Lazic lives in the old family house that they are maintaining as much as possible. With the help of good people and close family, they repair something from time to time, or buy something in order to extend its existence. Five of the six children go to school and the whole family has only 140 BAM of child allowance, which represents the only permanent income.

Children of the family Lazic

None of the family members has a permanent job so Radomir is working in neighboring villages for wages, not rejecting a job and nothing is too hard for him, just to earn money and to ensure the children elementary things and groceries.

Sisters Lazic next to their cow

Son Ratko is considerably helping his dad Radomir with agriculture

One can rarely see families, people but mostly children such as the Lazic children. Their hearts were full of happiness upon the mere arrival of the cow in their barn. The children forgot their poverty on that day and they haven’t separated themselves from the cow. Today it is hard to see such gratitude and words of praise as from family Lazic. They send great greetings and words of gratitude to donors who helped them to get a donation.

Happy and satisfied family Lazic with their cow

We invite all people of good will to engage and contribute to the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs who aim at helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout the Balkans.

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