January 05, 2016

9 tons of food for the children in the Raska area

At the end of 2015, on December 25 Charity organization Stara Raska from Belgrade donated charity help to the sick and poor children and children in the kindergartens in Priboj, Nova Varos and Prijepolje in the value of 628,950 RSD. The package of help contained: flour (5,000 kg), sugar (800 kg), oil (430 l), beans (200 kg), potato (1,500 kg), dairy products (300 kg), confectionery products (50 kg), various hygiene in the amount of 11,786 RSD and 590 different toys in the amount of 202,550 RSD. The number of beneficiaries in around 1,000 within the Kindergarten “Neven” in Priboj, the Society for Cerebral and Children Paralysis and the Association of helping Mentally Challenged Persons in Priboj, Kindergarten “Pasa i Natasa” in Nova Varos and families in Prijepolje.


The distribution of the charity help marked the end of a big action commenced in the spring of 2015, when “Stara Raska” started the activities of collecting help in an article “We are starting the action of collecting charity help for the children in the Raska area”. Great number of legal persons and citizens responded the call of the Charity organization Stara Raska and provided charity help in goods, money or services. The severity of the action can be seen through the amount of collected help, albeit those who shouldn’t have been absent.


From the money dedicated for this action the Organization purchased goods to complement the assortment and it also allocated part of the funds from regular donations. The donations in goods were provided for by: “NIPS Group” from Belgrade (Nenad Minjovic), 1,000 kg of flour; Mill “Krnjic” from Vladimirovci (Ljubisa Jeremic), 500 kg of flour; “Zitosrem” from Indjija (Radoslav Basaric), 300 kg of flour and 20 kg of biscuits; Creamery “Kuc Company” from Kragujevac (Jezdimir Kuc), 300 kg of dairy; SUTR “Marinada” from Belgrade (Rajko Dobrosavljevic), 150 kg of sugar; TPC “Orasac” from Belgrade (Vladeta Tomasevic), 100 kg of sugar; “Beogas” from Belgrade (Jelenko Papic), 50 kg of sugar, 30 l of oil and hygiene in the amount of 19,546 RSD; Dragan Laptosevic and Renata Smiljanic from Belgrade, individual packages of sugar, oil and confectionery products; “Dexy Co” from Belgrade (Slobodan Vucicevic), toys in the amount of 15,800 RSD; and “Movem Co” from Belgrade (Njego Trifkovic), toys in the amount of 144,000 RSD.


The donations of money were provided for by; Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade, 100,000 RSD; “Ibis Instruments” from Belgrade (Branko Popovic), 50,000 RSD; “Devix” from Lazarevac (Radojica Markovic), 50,000 RSD; “Candy” from Subotica (Branislav Sipos), 30,000 RSD; “MB-Forever” from Belgrade (Bogdan Markovic), 30,000 RSD; Bahro Hodovic and Vojin Vucicevic from Belgrade, 5,000 RSD each; dr. Bajo Cmiljnic, dr. Zaga Popadic, Milojko Obucina, Cedo Vucicevic and Draga Vucicevic, all from Belgrade, 2,000 RSD each; and Zoran Matovic from Belgrade, 500 RSD.


The donations in services and activities were provided for by: “Srboauto” from Belgrade (Predrag Tomic), transport of goods from Belgrade to the Raska area; TPC “Orasac” from Belgrade (Radisa Tomasevic), reception and storage of goods in a longer period; “Dragon Fly” from Belgrade (Svetozar Avramovic), transportation of goods within the town; Dragan Slovic, Radisa Tomasevic, dr. Zaga Popadic, mr. Velibor Ljujic, Milojko Obucina, Rade Prelic, Cedo Vucicevic and Vojin Vucicevic, all from Belgrade, contribution in collecting and allocation of charity help; members of the Executive Board of the branch in Priboj contributed greatly in enabling the planned and efficient allocation. We apologize to those who should have been mentioned and we failed to mention them.

For years “Stara Raska” is conducting such charity actions for the same target group in the Raska area. Up until now we collected and distributed approximately 30 tons of foodstuffs. We also allocated approximately 800 new toys, which is the most beautiful and the most valuable present for the children. That amount of donated toys from “Stara Raska” has never been donated before, nor will be donated again. The successful activities of the Charity organization Stara Raska in collecting the charity help for the children in the Raska area present the challenge to include the vast number of subjects in the future actions, particularly those originating from the Raska area or with relatives there, and those who are connected to the Raska area in any possible manner.

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