July 08, 2012

4th July Picnic New Gracanica Monastery

The Chicago chapter of Serbs for Serbs attended the Fourth of July picnic at the New Gracanica Monastery in Grays Lake, Illinois to help raise awareness of our organizations and collect donations. Because of the 104 degree weather, the turn out at the picnic was very low, but the generosity of the visitors to our booth was very large. We were able to collect $850 in donations from the sale of T-shirts, books and framed photographs of historic Serbian Monasteries. The books were kindly donated by the Bubamara Bookstore in Chicago and the photographs by Petko Petrovich.
We had many visitors to our booth who were introduced to the organization for the first time as well as visitors who were very familiar with our charity work. We also received very generous donations from Goran Stosovic along with Dusan & Aleksandar Jovanovic who have contributed generous donations previously to our organization.

We would like to thank all of the people who visited our booth and everyone who was kind enough to make a donation. We hope that we can continue attending similar events in the Chicago area and continue increase the awareness of our charity work and organization.

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