August 15, 2016

1,147 calls to 1412 in July in Republic of Srpska

At the beginning of May, 2016, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS, in cooperation with mobile service provider MTel from the Republic of Srpska, launched the long-awaited CHARITY PHONE NUMBER 1412. By calling the number (from fixed or mobile network), you will donate 1 BAM for helping the socially disadvantaged families in the Republic of Srpska (the call is charged at 0.05 BAM from fixed network and at 0.13 BAM from mobile network). A total of 1,147 calls were received at the charity phone number 1412 in July. Since August, the charity number 1412 is no longer active for our organization. The three-month contract has expired and unfortunately, for the time being, there hasn’t been the continuation of cooperation. In the course of three months (May, June and July), a total of 6,001 calls were received thanks to you. We extend our deep gratitude to all the donors and friends of the organization who have taken part in the charity campaign of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS.

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